Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager

Do you like working with people? Are flexible hours your shift of choice? Do you want a career that has a variety of options to grow? Then restaurant management might be the perfect career for you.

The Work

Restaurant managers are in charge of all the daily operations of a restaurant. They order food, hire and schedule employees, oversee all aspects of the restaurant to make sure everything is running smoothly, and make sure every customer is satisfied. There is also a good amount of paperwork that comes along with a restaurant management job, including working with the payroll and keeping track of workers’ documents.

The three types of restaurant managers typical to most restaurants are the general manager, assistant managers, and an executive chef. While the general manager and assistant managers deal with the day-to-day tasks and administrative tasks of the restaurant, the executive chef runs the day-to-day tasks of the kitchen.

Education & Training

There are several different ways to get the training you need to be a restaurant manager.

Most restaurant managers rise among the ranks of the restaurant -- starting as servers and line cooks -- and work their way up with on-the-job experience.

Restaurant Management Schools

Most of the top culinary schools offer a degree in hospitality management.

Some of the most accessible culinary schools in the country that offer management degrees include

Schools that offer hospitality management as a business degree include some of the most flexible programs in the country, including DeVry University and the University of Phoenix.

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